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My Little Cook - Cakes

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Have fun baking delicious cakes in your Little pastry chef kitchen.Carrot Cake, chocolate pudding and kiwi lollipops ... Have fun and discover these easy, original, and tasty recipes in "My Little Cook". You can even try them at home!
Become a real pastry chef with 10 delicious cake recipes that you can bake in the game or in real life. Look for the ingredients and utensils you need in your kitchen. Peel, cut, measure, mix and bake your cake like a real chef. And finally, decorate your cake so it looks as awesome as it tastes! Replace the pastry chef's head with your own: in the kitchen, you are the chef!
My Little Cook - I bake delicious cakes" is a game for kids who love to cook and have fun imitating adults.
• A game that will help kids enjoy cooking and have fun at the same time• 10 easy and delicious recipes to try at home• An application that gets the whole family baking• Learn the names of the ingredients and the cooking utensils• Bake the best cakes to fill your pastry store• Take a picture of yourself dressed as a pastry chef!• Discover new languages and have fun at the same time with voices and texts in French, English, German and Italian!
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